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how to talk to your angel

 Angelic telepathy, Spiritual link.

accept healing - feel better and brighter

 "Healing energies, flow through me, Restore my body, set me free, With each breath, I am renewed, Health and well-being, I conclude."

banish unwanted energy from your mind

 "Unwanted energy, I banish thee away, With these words, I make my decree, As I will, so mote it be, Let light and love guide my way."

negative forces release chant

 "Negative forces, I release you now, Into the universe, you shall disavow, Positive light surrounds my soul, With love and peace, I am whole."

tea spell soothing chant

 "Soothing leaves in water swirl, Steeped to essence, in a pearl, Calm my mind and make it clear, Tea, dispel my doubts and fear."

cleanse a room with a black candle

 black candle so bright i want you to cleanse negative in sight

cleansing spell

renew make fresh  cleanses  heals  removes negative energy purifies

invoke sky god bring protection to the land with dice

make 3 salt circles  a glass of water drink the water meditate 6 minutes roll a dice and the number is 3 or 6 the land is blessed. say invoke sky god to bring peace to the land and honour protection.

anxiety spells release negative energy

next to a red candle and white candle salt line through. say releif charm 5 minutes meditate watch the negative wash away.

tea calming white candle wash away negative invoke cleansing

drink regular tea embrace its calming effects light a white candle  sit for 5 minutes visualise negative energy washing away say i am cleansed and pure.

a salad spell with the lord

make a salad the basics tomato lettuce cucumber sweetcorn salad dressing. light a red candle eat for 10 minutes say lord i ask for grace as i eat this meal peace to the room tonight.

keep your home safe from enemies

"As I stand in my sacred space, I declare with unwavering intent, 'Be gone from my home, no longer you dwell; Negative energy, I banish and expel.' With the power of this spell, I now decree that my home is pure and free from all that seeks to harm or disrupt. So mote it be. As the words echo in the quiet of my space, I visualize the negative influences dispersing, making room for peace and positivity to flow freely throughout my sanctuary."

chrisps lollipop and fruit drink, chewing gum and red candle spell

chrisps small pack  lollipop  and fruit drink  chewing gum red candle eat the lollipop, then the crisps then the fruit drink  light the red candle sit for 6 minutes.  say i am content with all my food.  then say cleansing drink 5 times

haribo spell with banana and red candle in the mix

have a cup of water a sweet - haribo a banana  eat the haribo eat the banana drink the water light a red candle sit for 5 minutes  heal with the purity of the red candle

heal mind and body with this cleansing spell

In this salt banishing ritual, write down what you want to banish on a piece of paper, then burn the paper while visualizing the issue being consumed by the flames. As it burns, recite the following banishment incantation: "By fire and ash, I cast you away, [State what you want to banish], no longer may you stay. From my life, you're now set free, As I cleanse my spirit, so mote it be." Once the paper has turned to ashes, pour salt over them in a fireproof container and let it cool. Finally, dispose of the cooled ashes and salt to remove the negative influence or energy from your life.

remove negative energy from your home mind and body

with this salt, I banish all that's ill, Negative energy, be gone, be still. From my life, you now depart, As I cleanse and purify my heart. removes negative energy from your space or mind body. you dont need salt.  just say these magic words.

a healing charm to remove negative

purity charm cleanses you, removes negativity 

charms to keep negative energy away no sage no candles no crystals

no negative enrgy charm negative energy gone charm

Serene restoration spell

Serene restoration Restores your energy Creates a gust of wind around you Can make fire Used for peace

emotional well being for unemployed

listening to music meditating writing mindfulness walking sports clubs, meetup  healthy eating

employee well being in a busy world ideas for managers

 employee wellbeing in a busy world promotes contenment healthy food adequete time off mental health support therapy  staff lunches music therapy  mental health dog cat

5 ways to wellbeing

5 ways to well being  interact with people  focus on your beleifs  volunteer at a shop set goals and acheive them. be present

i have the power to do anything

 use red crystal and shake it and say i have the power to do anything x3 

dont rush dont run

 dont run dont rush be calm. find a way out of this mess. find your calling its in your writing. and bring out change for the better.

dont be a dot

 be positive be happy with glee and dont forget things. be fair be trust worthy person be reliable. be full of energy. dont be a dot. live life in the moment. live life at peace. somehow. find your peace. find your grace. 

live life like you mean it

be postive person and live life like you mean it live life with purpose  and be happy person

my system for life the elements how they work

earth is create destroy. wind brings change.  fire destroys.  air moves.  rock destroys.   

success and health quotes for your mind

everything comes in place  everything is there for a reason. strive for success and live in the moment. know life has up and down moments but all falls into place.  when life has its problems we get back up and restore we heal and mend our minds to maximum health. god force is full of change and we can use that in positive ways.  god is an element we can change to make our lives better.

10 affirmations self improvement

 i am healed.  i am successful. i am radient.  i am glowing.  i am fresh. i am cool. i am unique.  i am confident.  i am grateful. i am proud. 

letter to entity treatment time and good health

 i love entity  it is very nice to me. i have good times with entity. i want it to know i am very well now. some not sick person. i want it to know i have 5 weeks of treatment to go. i will be very well boy girl when i am finished. 

i spent 10 with 10 to spare and i am very happy, i wish to keep my money!

 dear entity  on my way to success i will manage to save my cash for the day. the temptations to spend are hard and i want to stop. i only bought two things today. i am very proud of myself for not spending all my cash!

letter to entity #god number 1

 i have an entity and i want it to live a good life i love it dearly and i want it to know that i am doing well. i am thinking and learning. my weight is good but i do eat too much need to heal that and eat less a positive mindset will help. i want to workout more. letter to entity. #1

nothing is permenant

 be mindful and think before you speak. stay positive and heal yourself from negative as time goes by. remember nothing is permenent and things come and go. 

focus on goals and be positive

 stay positive and radiate joy and peace and positive aura. you need to be positive person to focus on any goal. 

"Rising Above: Together We Heal"

"Life's challenges may shake us, but they won't break us. Together, we rise above adversity, hand in hand. 🌟πŸ’ͺ Let's keep our spirits high and hearts open as we journey towards brighter days. πŸ’– #TogetherWeHeal #PositiveVibes"

"Embracing Positivity: Healing Together"

"Let's come together in a spirit of positivity and healing. πŸŒΌπŸ’• Let's support each other, lend a helping hand, and spread kindness wherever we go. Together, we can make the world a better place. πŸ’« #PositiveHealing #TogetherWeHeal"

"Healing Together: Embracing Positivity for a Brighter Tomorrow"

"Let's come together to heal and spread positivity. In unity, we find strength, support, and love. Together, we can overcome any obstacle and create a brighter future. 🌟 #HealingTogether #PositiveVibes"

The Healing Power of Togetherness: How Positive Community Support Transforms Lives

Title: "The Healing Power of Togetherness: How Positive Community Support Transforms Lives" Introduction: In a world filled with challenges and adversity, the journey of healing together offers a powerful source of positivity and transformation. It's a journey of collective strength, resilience, and optimism, where individuals come together to support one another. This blog post delves into the profound impact of healing together, exploring its diverse dimensions and the profound benefits it brings to those who embark on this transformative path. **The Essence of Community Support:** Healing together is rooted in the concept of community. When individuals face physical or emotional struggles, a supportive network can become an invaluable source of encouragement and solace. The sense of community is foundational to the healing process, creating a safe space for sharing experiences, fears, and triumphs. **Unleashing the Power of Unity:** Positive healing together harnesses

tea 101 health facts tips info

Tea is good and a challenge to maintain and it is 3 cups a day. I noticed you get to hot and sweaty with tea drinking. From my experience tea has been  A cup of tea an hour may work for some not perfect. You find your patience with tea. Not water. Water is another force. Fluid also a liquid also h2o is in our tea. Thinking with tea i am always calm My heart rate goes up Tea can be every ten minutes but replace that with water. Tea hydrates  Green tea reduces heart rate. Coughing and gagging can help lower heart rate research found.  Dont keep tea in the microwave. £dominicparkhurst40 cashapp donate to me

a spell for release energy, expecially negative and pressure and sore and bad back fix up cleanse worries and any shame and more

 cleanse balanace and align my chakeras. sooth any pain, uplift the mood and release energy. breath in and out is the function, for just 5 minutes time i will be healed. give me insight every 5 minutes and 10 minutes give me peace. 

find the answer in the evening prepare for tomorrow solution problem solved

 unburden any worries for tomorrow prepare for the next day, ease thoughts, watch over me sacred sentinel. 

a spell to remove negative behaviour balancing energies

 calm i wish for now in zen hush now calm down i channel my energies and let go any negative energy or behaviour tonight shield me and emit positive energy to universe. 

i want peace charm

 rejuvinate relax and still i will be calm and at peace

money wealth health fame spell

 money health power, empower me plenty a famous man woman lgbtqai+

a healing spell - hearts embrace i heal

hearts embrace i heal

i love chat gpt it is so great to use

 chat gpt has a lot of information that people can use perfect for research  just copy it put it in word to read it more easy.

learning heart and heart rate on chat gpt

 today i learned about my heart rate and how my blood pressure works.

i have my angels protecting my safety

 i have my angels with me today

healing for curses

 i cast out negative energy i want to pure

healthy mind

 listen to prayers and relax in good health

witchraft send messages url direct router spell

 minds connect to url to send message on someones computer

writing spells to mask anxiety

 catch anxiety  just catch it grab it and throw it out of the window  use third eye grab it and cast it out someone heal bbc news for me  my name is dominic parkhurst

channel 1 is negative energy

 can someone stop changing the channel to tv 1 makes people anxious  can anyone tell me what does it do