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healing people when bright yellow light doesnt stop things what will

 healing people through the day can be a challenge when a bright yellow light doesnt stop things what will

not chips

It wasn't the chips 

positive healing quote

The mind is calm I am calm 

money tip spell charm

I need savings and pay today 

saving habit

I save for the week

I save money

I save 2 pounds each day

meditation with mind

My shop does well 

electric thoughts are bad

Don't use electric

small goals

Think small goals

love hands

Love your hands

I don't want 0 pounds

I don't want 0 pounds

positive quote for wisdom knowledge gain

Guide me to enlightenment  To learn and learn  Knowledge is everything 

bless heart soul find grace in challenging times be nice

My heart bless. With your love anc  everlasting presence  Love and protection your protection to perceive life force  Fill my soul with iner fire love kindness  Embraces changes nourish soul with kindness and gratitude 

strength to overcome life force feeling right to perceive

Strength to overcome challenges  Right to perceive Time and space energy Life force  Feel and a spark

a great start to your morning with allah

Have a cup of coffee in the morning pray to allah

happier than boy

Being girl am happier than boy

live like an an angel

Keep it simple  Enjoy life  Live like an angel  Be nice 


Don't get angry

love being clean

Stay fresh and clean

rainy day fund don't spend your savings

Don't spend your savings

demons cute angels severe

Demon angel make you happy  It is happy things 

no god seraph

Happily life without God seraphim 

open to change

Good luck  Money Epic  I am epic and open to change 

more win

Less shouting more winning 

one mind wholeness and peace

One mind holiness with self 

love thoughts from happy thoughts

Happy thoughts stem from love

Best friend with the lord

I wany a best friend I am better  lord I affirm

my number one friend

My best friend my best friend

swim in

I am swimming in positive energy thoughts

positive in the darkness

Politicised in the darkness

do chant become more positive

Get energised today do a chant  Train your energy Accept change  Become more positive person

heal reset nourish quote

Heal reset nourish 

rest live learn quote

Rest live learn

thank me meet lots

Talk to the friendly faces

love food

Food is a wonderful thing

negative and positive

Things bring joy come and go

closer to heaven

Heaven come to me

I want to learn about myself

I am reading books 

glue computer screen

I am happy with fiction and release negative thoughts I had about it

Read a free book and live to see another day

Read a free book

do a 30k walk in your garden

Do 30k walk in your garden Drink lemon water 3 weeks

do 500 steps today

Go on a walk 

no anger yes to joy

Don't focus on anger

passes the time

Do a workout

time spell go back with music

Put on the music and say time It is a simple time travel spell to go back to your era with memories.

things change for a reason

A reminder things change for a reason 

to be a better person, release anger today

 joy  comes in life in many ways  dont lie spread kindness and overall dont get angry be a positive person dont cause stress and release your anger today put yourself on a higher level .