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"Rays of Resilience: Healing Together in Unity"

In the symphony of life, let's be each other's harmonies. Let's weave a tapestry of compassion and understanding, knitting together the threads of support and encouragement. Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities, creating a mosaic of positivity that heals and uplifts us all. Embrace the journey of healing together with open hearts and unwavering solidarity.

bring strength and focus with purple crystal

 you can heal by putting a purple crystal on your forhead and say bring strength and focus

what i found out from posting selfies daily

 get famous by posting pictures of yourself everyday. they dont have to be perfect but something special and unique its your happiness glowing. so smile more and more. social media likes that.

a polite message to heal yourself end negative thinking

 what makes you brighter is what you say to yourself. say positive things and heal.  #endnegativethinking

meditate on friends


mist word of the day


words to meditate to

Harmony Stillness Sugar Weight

think of family in meditation

Meditate in sacred space think of family focus on positive thoughts. 

meditate on best friend

Meditate on your best friend Cleanse mind

you will like my lime manifestation

Affirm I want to manifest a LIME

imagine winning tennis become a star

Meditate with your tennis racket and imagine winning the game Requirements skill

roots age grow meditation

Imagine a bean growing from its roots grow up as you age. 

imagine fruit meditation

Meditate on fruit 3 minutes and vision different fruit imagine its taste smell and texture.

meditate on grass wind blow

Meditate on your grass and feel the wind blow through it 2 minutes

"Healthful Choices' Transformation"

Swap sugary fizz for nature's grace, Choose greens and fruits in their rightful place. Nourish with health, a vibrant embrace, A wise shift to thrive in a wholesome space.

buy bread and milk charm

In market aisles, the charm does thrive, Bread and milk, a duo to revive. Their comforting presence keeps spirits alive, A simple charm for life's daily drive.

positive energy release

Radiant vibes in an uplifting dance, Spirits soar in an optimistic trance. Goodness flows, a joyous advance, Positive energy, life's enchanting expanse.

get more soup charm

Bubbling pot of warmth, a savory delight, Simmered flavors, comforting the night. With each spoonful, worries take flight, A soup's gentle charm, pure culinary might.

"Serenade of Tranquil Charms"

Beneath the golden sun, serenity resides, In whispered winds and gentle tides. Charm weaves its magic, where peace abides, A dance of joy, where love confides.

"Enchanted Night's Melody"

In the depth of night, stars whisper secrets bright, Moonbeams weave dreams, casting silvery light. With a heart's pure grace, love's song takes flight, Charm entwined, in nature's magical might.

heal a pokemon card

Card of power, in need of care, With love and light, I now repair. May strength and energy return, Your essence mend, let healing burn."

heal a tv remote

"Remote control, bring soothing grace, With each press, healing I embrace. Through channels flick and buttons pressed, Restore wellness, bring peace, and rest."

healing with love and light pain releive

By the power of love and light, I send healing through this night. Restore and mend, make whole again, May wellness flow, relieving pain. A healing charm is a spoken or written incantation, often crafted with positive, soothing, and empowering words aimed at invoking healing energy. It is used with the intention of bringing about physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being for oneself or others. The charm is typically recited with focus, belief, and a strong desire for healing to occur. Its effectiveness can be influenced by the sincerity and depth of the practitioner's intent.

a spell to be brighter

Enchant positive vibes charm

raise vibration

Increase the level of vibration.

mood booster

Enhance my feelings by 10

make every thought positive

Every negative thought is a positive thought spell it blocks thoughts  Fire burn away negative thoughts for 1 min x3 Sad to happy charm

meditation using only heat

Warm your hands rub them together hold them apart for 4 minutes think of positive things and don't think of negative.

charm to help you with your emails

 help me with my emails 

talking to yourself is good therapy

Meditate about talking to yourself 

teeth meditation advice

Meditate on your teeth. Embrace gratitude. Release any tension. Think of white light for purity. Gratitude can reduce negative emotions and release.

gratitude help guide

Practice gratitude do it before bed 12 noon. With chamomile tea.  Share it with others be reactive and say make decisions.  Gratitude can help reduce stress. It heals positive energy.

what I do in the morning

I dont stop i rock  Awake and fresh  Brush my teeth   A clean mouth  Nice food in the morning. 

Angels in my soup Angels going fast

Angels in soup  Angels in my car Angels protecting me  Everywhere i go This process aint slow Take control move See the positive change in me

angels have hearts of gold

Angels i ask you to bless my home For food and cold water For good health and fiber rich foods Cleanse me now Immediate start 

Angel wings hearts desire

Angel wings Hearts desire Every negative thought  Whisp away In the night and day

a quote feel more positive

With grace and cheer all make me dazzling and positive