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a heal a cleanse


a heal

Energy circlulates

heal with wand


a cleanse

Interperate this image

heal a stranger

Might not be stranger danger

heal google blogger app


get a spirit for your money get help with your money what you need


remove someone problem solving


feel confident remove someone


to get a glass of water crystal


halo above head

Imagine lighteninggoing up to make halo any color of the rainbow

do a shower spell

I want a shower  2 min mediate  Get comfortable  Summon energy to sit up

I am healing my programming

I looked into jobs and decided to buy a book on cprogramming so worth it for my skills improve. 

heal love eternal love

Heal love to be a forever thing mote it be. 

positive healing together

Start my day off great make my night better 

up down alley

Love can be found  Where not lost her Love and its relation is true but friendship far and nearl

love shaker

Love like open arms Getting I fresh  I bind my one and true love  Trust me will me into love

love blend for me

As i look into her eye let us relax into 

healing energy from 100 time spell request

100 time in days heal time in days give me more minutes in the day look at clock third eye message  make clock positive  lots of time in office 

as long as the mind can focus third eye music

third eye music take note and heal as long as the mind can focus heal the urges  be a good witch. i am training you  check out my other blog  bewitched if that is more for you  dont time your self and focus on spell  cleanse and protect and heal. best wishes dominicap  my username on the site because i have something special to tell you that i am trans woman i love ambient music  a spell when to stop and start a spell when to heal silence  i am working towards  reducing stress  i do send curses i use like pure energy i have cleansed my energy there are different ways to do it  ask for a number to heal and it will tell you tip 

to prayer music try this with your third eye.

 stillness im allowed to move clean my hands and fase give em a wash.

using powers in a spell to find clothes size

by the power of 3 to the power of 6 find me my clothes size

this is the power of stopping an ear itch

by the power 24 / 2 get my flow and make energy show i invoke peace energy to the ear heal it plenty

heal all drinks

 the only drink i like is tea

powerful focus spell

 9 x 9 now fix my magic

could work healing spell

 fix my hand light energy 3x3 = what, do sum and fix

energy to my wand feel better

make my wand feel better

a spell for your tea i get receive

tea is bland make delicious tasting all chant this 25 times

energy from god dna healing

 heal my arm with grapefruit juice

heal me like eating 4 apples

I eat 4 apples I get stronger

heal me like a lion beast in the flesh

Heal Me like a lion beast in the flesh

Bird going laa

Heal me like a bird singing

true spell to mend a throat chakera

 heal my throat chakera and magic mend make it pure

heal water fast spell

 heal my get up heal my water rapid rate

healing spell for pain

reawakened light, my pain, heal me now before it gets worse

healing love and friends

 love aside i need new friends and i will

feel no pain invincible chant

 i feel no pain i am invincible

red light a bad thing

 i use red light but i know its bad thing good for magic energy

i need to reduce my anger

 i found a curse in  me it is red light and something anger.

white light focus jesus meditation 10 minutes

worship jesus with out seeing red focus on pure white

a spell to become invincible

 heal the face and dont bruise ever again

healing to encanto

 heal to movie encanto

strong healing for pain

 releive me alleviate from pain

positive healing spell for love healing

healing love we give it our all multiple people

a charm this hour spells tonight

 some extra focus for peope doing spells tonigt this hour

messages for mental ward and staff healing

to care for you because you are one of a kind to look after because you are caring and clever the next person i see will be  heal mental ward to green light and mend a peron blue light source angel dont turn away from my healing

possession spell for an angel

 im loose take control

third eye commands health

these are possession spells and i love em. for mental patients who want more control heal you plus more command healing your food command drinking water  command more walk  command bed 9 sleep spell curse a quiet ward

show what you need to cleanse in a trance with a message

 in a trance i cleanse seance tell me hear me out i need to cleanse

an easy chant

 angels of healing stay angels of evil go

heal wound with energy strong healing magic

Sutured wound closure Sutured wound healing process Sutured wound angel repair me

two contrasting spells

 anger in a bubble  anger like never before 

take out a spell to remove

take out a spell remove a charm  remove something bad entity vanish

to go outside

 trees sunlight get me good vit d yellow light 6x answer go outside this is what i made in my meditation 

a spell for fitness

  Active and physically fit I demand to be

epic money spell

 healthy mind 1 million please

if you have problems drinking water

 my aqua repair charm to sip

a spell to heal a friend using get a connection

 Have to heal my friend and they are all right oh stars I call come down on

epic money spell call to angels

 oh angels i feel disposed for money i need more much more.

a message to change your music taste

 finest angels i want my music taste to be lofi help me blend in

heal the sound with air

 sound cleansing angels please air move the bad away

a positive spell healing an angel message

  my angel dear best friend i see you in heaven we talk and have adventures together. 

a positive spell for healing water

 To drink generously and overflowing with love and care, water drink me now

true money spell get your voice heard

 Request of money i need for growth angels please

a wish to angel to make iq to good and smarten up

  Fix up anything I desire make me smart and iq to good angel wish

a spell to relax me with angel support

 rejuvinate and relax me i am craving for lord make this a spell

control the energy with negative force

healing is part of what we get it is soul energy manifesting. you can control this energy with negative force or positive force.

energy portals of light

hello It is great to see you all. i am writing to let you know about my blog positive healing together. it is a virbrant blog about healing through third eye and chakeras. energy portals of light.